March 11, 2011

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Choosing to Live Grateful
Most of us come to points in our lives where we struggle to see the blessings that surround us and instead focus on the shortcomings. Maybe it is in physical ways like material items, relationships, health and finances. Maybe it is in our own personal attributes like talents, giftings, and the purpose for our lives. Regardless, what we believe, even lies, can cause us to see ourselves as something different, something less than what we truly are and what God made us to become. When we have this clouded vision we cling to discontentment and find ourselves focusing on all the wrong things.
These last few months have been a struggle for us. We have felt like fish out of water, not sure where we belong or what world we are supposed to fit into. Although, we are confident this is where we belong for now we still have questions. At times we feel inadequate, incomplete, incompetent, injured and overwhelmed. But like so many times before, God in His magnificent grace, has drawn us to Himself and shown us that in our lacking He is more than enough. When we turn our eyes on Him we find He is the fulfillment of all that we need. He is waiting to carry our burdens. We simply must choose to shift our eyes from the temporal, circumstantial things to the eternal, God breathed things.
We’ve been discovering that finding this place of rest and peace come from choosing to live GRATEFUL. Each time we face an unknown we are choosing to see the blessings, to walk in contentment. We are striving to remember that His Word tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us. NEVER. When we face new challenges and struggles brought on by life and sometimes even our own weak flesh we are choosing to look to Him because he has met our needs like none other can.
Living GRATEFUL comes naturally when we understand that we are NOTHING without His grace. We recognize our deep need and weakness so His power and plan are not lost mingled amongst our flesh. We choose to walk by the spirit and not the flesh and remain grateful for His great love and grace that makes it possible to find joy amongst heartbreak and peace amongst confusion.
We want to thank you for your love and prayers that have lifted us up and helped us adjust to this new path. We are so grateful for those that walk along this journey with us. We do not know what the future holds but our prayer is that God will be glorified in all things.
Prayer Points 
· Intimacy with the Lord.
· Wisdom raising the boys.
· Discernment for ministry involvement.
· Fellowship in home school.
· Godly friendships.
· Diligence for Andrea as she pursues Medical Transcriptionist training.
· Health, Provision & Safety for friends in Mozambique.

We’ve Moved….We’ve been blessed to find a great rental house for a great deal. Our family has enjoyed opening boxes that have been gathering dust for months.
Our new address:
The Pavkov Family
10 Lookout Circle
Penacook, NH  03303
Home Phone #603-753-2530

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