February 3, 2010


This week we have had a little visitor and she has been keeping us busy and entertained. Here name is Tendai (Joy in the local dialect) and she truly is a joy. Her mommy and daddy had to go to South Africa to pick up her Grandma and Grandpa that flew in from Canada. She is being adopted but they were unable to take her out of the country because her paperwork is still in the process of being approved.

Although I know they have missed her greatly we have had a wonderful week getting to cuddle, tickle, feed, play with and "pretending" to have a baby sister. Thanks guys for allowing us to take care of your little blessing!

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Heather & Rick said...

Awww. Thanks for posting all those- she just gets cuter every day. Although according to our research Tendai actually means "Be grateful to God"- but Joy is good too! Thanks for posting all these pics- I soooo want copies when we get home- Thank you soooo much.