February 12, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

Do you ever have one of those days where one thing seems to lead to another and then another and then another. Life in Mozambique is almost constantly like that everyday. You try to accomplish something but to do that you must first do this and then before that can be completed you have to go here and do that and so on and so on. It can be frustrating but today when we discovered our freezer had been off for two days I decided instead of fighting it I would go with the flow. First, I removed everything and cleaned out the not so pleasant, wet, sloshy, ice mess on the bottom. One of the things I removed was a chicken that was well on it's way to be unthawed so I marinated it and put it in the fridge to become supper. Then I found some not so frozen mashed banana so of course it was time to use it and make a batch of banana bread. Since the oven was still hot and my kitchen already blazing hot too I thought why not whip up a chocolate cake and bake it as well for dessert. Next I found dried cherries that my Mother in Law had brought all the way from Washington state and some lovely orange flavored Craisins that someone sent in a package. As I was thinking what I could do with them I had the brilliant idea to make granola bars for the very first time ever in my life. So granola bars were next on the agenda with the mentioned fruit neatly chopped and mixed in. The bread rolls that were rather on the gross side (a little soggy) needed to be dried out for the dogs to eat since they were not really edible for us so that was next. And lastly the two things I threw into the garbage resurfaced when the dear old lady that helps clean the house two mornings a week picked them out and asked if she could have them. Yep, one thing just leads to another but at least a lot was accomplished.

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