February 5, 2010

Sick & Tired, Nothing the Beach Can't Fix

Sick: We have all had a cold passing between us for about the last two weeks. Currently, the boys are on the mend although Micah ended up with an ear infection that is being stubborn. Marc and I are both congested and feeling pretty yucky. I think we need some sunshine.

Tired: We have had the pleasure of taking care of our friends 1 year old baby girl this past week. But we are so not used to having a baby anymore. It is amazing how one little, adorable, happy person can wear you out. We need some rest.

So, as our first official family vacation here and to celebrate our one year anniversary of living in Moz we are heading off to the beach tomorrow. We will drive 3 hours to the city of Beira, on the Indian Ocean for a couple of days. We will try our best to get that sunshine and rest we need along with some great family times and a couple of good meals along the way.

We'll update you when we get back. Until then......

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