February 17, 2010


Some random photos from our week!
The boys made homemade numchucks (sp?) just for fun.

Things were busy in the garden.

Marc and Manuel distribute our first load of maize flour.
We are making it available at cost to our workers and distributing smaller bags to the church
so they can give it out to the widows. 
Micah widdles the African way-with  a machete.

The boys spend an afternoon building a mud village in the yard.

The laundry found its way into the house to dry since there was a day or two of rain.

We have a visitor again. Keeping in tune with Mozambican government processes her adoption/travel documents are still not complete. She is staying with us for a few days while her mom and dad head back down to South Africa to take her Grandma & Grandpa to the airport and take a local young man to have corrective surgery on some childhood burns.

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