February 26, 2010

Medical Transport

A young man from the church contacted Marc the other day saying his uncle was very sick and dying and needed to be transported to the hospital in our city of Chimoio right away. Since there is no ambulance service available and he was too ill to ride public transport the young man asked if Marc would be willing to drive there to pick him up and return him to Chimoio. Sure enough Marc left yesterday morning before the sun was up to drive to Dondo, a city 3 hours away. He put a seat down and layed the sickly man in the back of our car. He was not coherant although conscience and would from time to time shout out something. Marc was grateful that the trip went quickly and smoothly because it was obvious that the man desperately needed medical help. He dropped him off along with his nephew and brother at the hospital in town around noon yesterday. Now, we just pray for a full recovery.

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