May 21, 2010

10 Things I think I Could Live Without

  1. Sleeping under a mosquito net every night of my life.
  2. Picking up food at the grocery store and watching the weevils and cockroaches scatter.
  3. Dodging people, goats, chickens, carts, bicycles and who knows what else driving down the road.
  4. Filtering my drinking water.
  5. Scrubbing my feet every night before bed because they are caked in red dirt.
  6. Heating water in a kettle to wash my dishes.
  7. Having malaria as a constant lurking threat.
  8. Dodging huge potholes while driving down the road.
  9. Being in a room where several languages are being spoken and not understanding any of them.
  10. Dealing with a constant layer of red/brown dust on EVERYTHING in my house no matter how much I dust, sweep, or wipe counters.
Then again, when I really get to thinking about it these are the things that keep my life ummm.....interesting. I am not sure that in light of where I live and the suffering and poverty surrounding me that I should let these things concern me. My life after all is very comfortable and pleasant in comparison.

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