May 11, 2010

HUGE Praise

WOW! I am always in awe of God's faithfulness.

Today we are so pleased to say that paperwork we have been waiting and praying about for the last ten months is finally finished.

Be encouraged. Never give up even when it seems fruitless.

My "feelings" are often my problem.
I get distracted because I feel things are not going my way, I feel desperate, I feel out of control, I feel hopeless, I feel tired and I feel drained. Really those are the problems aren't they? I and feel.
I - is about me
Feel -is based on my heart that so easily deceives me.

God wants our trust in who HE is and in HIS character.
Not in ourselves.

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Nina said...

Thank you so much for sharing this praise. God certainly is faithful and good. Your words are a powerful reminder and encouragement, Thanks!