May 30, 2010

Coming of Age

I have two sons. The oldest, Micah, is 12. He will be 13 in November. How that happened, I do not know. Where the time has vanished, I will never know.

As he approaches manhood, and believe me he is approaching...he has the pimples and body odor to prove it. I have been contemplating some type of "Coming of Age" ceremony or process for him. I am praying about it. Wondering what it should look like.

Today he had an introduction as his dad invited him to attend the Men's Breakfast with him. He was a little intimidated at first but also excited. His dad explained that if he decided to go he would need to be sure to know it was not a playtime. He understood and agreed to go with a huge grin on his face. Partly, I think because it was something special for just him and dad to do but also because dad considered him old enough to be part of the men.

I realize I am partial but I am pretty sure he is about the most handsome, kind hearted boy young man out there.

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