May 16, 2010

Easily Entertained

The cutest thing happened this past week. I was scheduled to meet a friend for coffee and a chat at the local "fancy" hotel in town and decided to invite my boys along for the experience. They have never been to the hotel. It opened last year and I myself have been a handful of times to meet friends for coffee. They were excited to come. I had them change into decent, clean clothes instead of play clothes, told them to bring along a book and explained that they were welcome to sit in one of the comfortable couches near my friend and I while we visited and they could order a soda. Did I mention they were really excited? I know this may seem silly but here in Mozambique my boys do not have exposure to constant entertainment or posh things so for them it was a big deal. We headed off to the hotel. The boys did a great job reading and enjoying their drinks while my friend and I visited. Nate then asked me if he could go to the bathroom so I explained where it was in the hotel. Needless to say bathrooms here can be a traumatic experience....I can't explain all that right here. Nate returned from the bathroom with a look of sheer excitement and delight on his face. When I asked him what was up he went on to tell me how cool the bathroom was to visit. It had a light that came on automatically when you entered. The sinks and soap dispenser were also automatic and then there was a hand dryer that was like an "airplane engine." Both boys disappeared so Nate could show Micah the treasures he had found. Then they took a ride in the elevator, all the way up two floors and back down. One thing is for sure they were entertained. I, for one am glad that my boys can find such joy in the simpliest of things these days. It makes my heart smile.


Anonymous said...

as I often travel in Moz with my two young sons its fascinating to follow your experiences. Although we live in Joburg, we never go to hotels unless in Mozambique where they too are amazed by the facilities. Just wondering where the hotel you mention is and what is its name?



Andrea said...

The hotel is called Hotel InterChimoio which is in our city of Chimoio, Mozambique.