May 11, 2010

Heavenly Scent

These wonderful delights were in a recent package my mom sent to us here in Mozambique. I LOVE THEM.....not because they are so handy with detergent, fabric softener and anti-static agent all-in-one but because they

They are the new (at least to me although I think they may have been in the US for a while now) all in one laundry sheets. She sent the Purex brand and I think I am in love. When we lived in the States I often bought Purex not because I thought it smelled lovely but mostly because it was affordable compared to others like Tide etc. I have always loved the smell of good, clean laundry but after being separated from that smell for 15 months it seems I am now having a serious love affair with these new laundry sheets. I think my husband may be getting jealous. For the first two days after receiving our packages all I did was sniff them without even opening them. There lovely smell had saturated everything in the box and I nearly drove my family crazy talking about how good they smelled. Then I put them in my bathroom, where our washing machine lives and still did not open them but enjoyed their scent everytime I walked into the bathroom or down the hall next to it. 

We have two or three brands of laundry powder here when the grocery store has a good stock. I had picked one of the three that I liked and thought that things were sailing along pretty well in the laundry department. That was until my new love, I mean gift from my mom arrived. How long have our clothes been stinking like this nasty local stuff? When did I not notice that? How did I ever forget this glorious American smell?

I have come to a place of resolution in this dilema. I have opened the new fandangled all-in-one sheets. I am using them SPARINGLY! I used the very first one to wash a load of clothes just to test it and revel in the beauty of it. I even put the clothes into a dryer (our friends that are on furlough in the states lent us theirs while they are away)  instead of on our clothes line. My goodness it was great. The clothes were soft, fresh and clean smelling without that ever present underlying dust and dirt scent that our clothes normally carry. But from that moment on I knew I was going to have to ration the goodness. So we have resorted to only washing our sheets with these beauties and still washing everything else with our local powder.

What a FANTASTIC idea. The washing the sheets, I mean. Last night as I crawled into our bed on our freshly washed sheets next to my honey I thought I was in heaven. There was lots of sniffing, sighing and cuddling going on - with the sheets. It was wonderful.

Thank you MOM! It's a touch of heaven underneath my very nose. And just because you are brilliant you sent along a refill pack and I am determined to make them last the next 16 months until we return on furlough to buy some more.

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