March 3, 2010

Such is Life

Such is life in Mozambique....

It has rained everyday for the last two weeks.
Drying laundry has become a challenge and mold seems to be growing everywhere (our shoes, the floor, the walls, hats). But I am not complaining as this rain is desperately needed and a little inconvenience on my part is fine if it means their is hope of food for the hungry people of Mozambique.

The guys have successfully caught 5 rats so far in and around our house. Two nights ago, as I stood behind the safety of the kitchen door, listening in on Marc and the boys attempting to catch the latest culprit I couldn't help but laugh at their conversation.
Micah says to Nate, "You're such a girl." (as Nate was crouched on top of the chest freezer).
Nate says, "I don't have a weapon, Dad took mine." (Each boy had come prepared with a stick.)
Marc says to Micah, "Don't play with him, hit him." (Referring to the rat, not his brother.)
After they brought in our dog Bowser (who is quickly becoming known as the rat catcher) they succeeded in driving out the rat that was hiding in the motor compartment of our freezer and catching it.
And all was peaceful again in the house, at least until next time.

We have not had internet access for the last 5 days because the "system" was down which could mean a million things.
(Sorry I missed your birthday mom. Hopefully we can catch up via Skype soon.)

Sadly, the man that Marc transported to the hospital last week died in the hospital here in Chimoio. We are constantly reminded of how fragile life is living here.

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