December 11, 2009

Christmas Productions

Last Sunday the boys took part in a Christmas production at the International Church.
I remember taking part in all kinds of Christmas productions as a kid.
It brings back lots of fun memories.
I can also remember watching "The Greatest Christmas Pagent Ever" as a kid on TV every year.
It was my Christmas favorite.
Before leaving the US to move to Mozambique, my good friend Carrie bought me a copy of the book.
 It was one thing that HAD to come in our bags.
This week I began reading it to the boys.
 Last night our next door neighbors who left today for a month away brought over their VCR (we don't have one) and a copy of the movie for us to borrow.
Marc and I decided it will be our new family tradition to watch it with the boys on Christmas Eve.
I can't hardly wait!

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