December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas Early

Our friends that are moving back to South Africa were very kind to us yesterday and gave Micah and Nate a swimming pool that belonged to their sons. MERRY CHRISTMAS to the boys because this is the one thing we were really hoping to buy them if possible. Yesterday Marc spent time putting patches on the few holes it had and filling it with water. Currently it is about 1/2 full since our water which is pumped in from another source down the street has not yet come today. Maybe today tomorrow there will be enough water to finish filling it. So we wait, but don't think that stopped the boys and their friends from enjoying the cool water this morning (sshhh, or Mom & Dad this afternoon). Marc also put up a shade cloth to go above it so we don't all get sunburns. It was 92 degrees in the house most of the day so the swim in the pool was definitely refreshing. I think we are all going to enjoy staying cool for the next few months. Marc and I were talking and we are pretty convinced that a wonderful Christmas day to us is going to be our family sitting in the pool together while drinking cold Cokes.

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