December 31, 2009


Nate and I currently both have MALARIA. Not exactly my best idea of how to ring in the New Year of 2010. But like with most things in life you take the bad and try to make the best out of it. You know that saying "If you get lemons, make lemonade." So tonight we will try. We have no special plans to celebrate the big event of ringing in the New Year, not even any sparkling grape juice or TV countdown (not sure that exists here) but we do have 4 cold cokes waiting anxiously in our refridgerator to be opened at the strike of midnight and the boys have glow necklaces that someone sent for Christmas they have been saving. We are just hanging around with the boys, watching movies and trying to notice that tomorrow is a new day, a new year.

The Mozambicans seem to notice the New Year. At least the government offices take the few days off to celebrate, fireworks are being sold on the street (which we did not buy becuase they look way too big for our tiny yards). Unfortunately there are bound to be many that were hurt because of lack of knowledge of how to use them safely and too much drinking going on. We are told it will be a noisy night because of the firecrackers but also because many choose to celebrate the New Year by causing mischief. Actually many have chosen to remain drunk from Christmas time until they get through the New Year. Our guard has said that tonight he will sit with the catana (machete) "right next to him" to be sure no one gets out of hand.

We just pray that the New Year in front of us will be one of opportunity to share JESUS with those that need him. And a year where we understand and rely more fully on the power of God that is at work within us through Jesus as we live and serve here in Mozambique.


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Mary said...

Happy New Year! Hope you and Nate are feeling better soon.