December 22, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship with Mozambique

I HATE ANTS......they are infesting my house at the moment (small ones, flying ones, all types) and driving me crazy. It doesn't matter what I spray, how much I clean, they won't leave me alone.

I LOVE ADVENTURE.....there is always adventure here. Like today when we went to visit fellow missionaries in the bush. We were driving through a police check point and were "asked" (strongly recommended to comply) by a policeman to give himself (who was not so carefully holding his AK-47) and two "witnesses" a ride to another town several miles away. Nate and Micah dutifully hoped into the back of our 4x4 to allow the "gentlemen" a place to sit. Afterwards Nate tells us he had to duck and lay down because the policeman's gun was pointing towards Nate's head. Interesting to be more uneasy WITH the policeman in your car then when he is not.

I HATE ABUSE...I find myself frustrated with the culturally accepted abuse of women and young girls. A young Mozambican couple we know have a "typical" relationship in that he is completely at ease with beating his wife and keeping her in control when he feels it's necessary. Marc spent a good amount of time last evening speaking with this young man and explaining to him that it should not be acceptable in any culture to hurt your wife and that it didn't just apply to us because we are white.

I LOVE THE SIMPLE LIFE....I enjoy the uncomplicated way of life we live here in Mozambique. Much of life is managing survival not wasted time and effort on frivilous activities. This culture is people and relationship orientated. It is refreshing to take time for people and to have people take time for us. There is a sense of community that is often missed in other cultures.

I HATE POVERTY....I get emotional seeing the constant hunger and suffering so many endure. It is difficult to see little ones have such difficult lives when they should simply be able to be children. It is difficult to watch the elderly struggle for survival and have to labor so intensely just to eat. It is difficult to watch men that have lost their minds wander the street with just shreds of clothing on and no one to care for them.

I LOVE OUR LIFE....through all the hardships and challenges I must say that I love our life here in Mozambique. I am grateful that God has called us to serve in this country and to serve Him by serving these people. Sure there are days that a clean house (without red dirt), a shopping trip to Walmart (or any store for that matter), a meal at steakhouse like Ruby Tuesday's (or even McDonalds), and a conversation where English is the only language spoken (and translators are not needed) sounds appealing.

But through it all I wouldn't trade my simple, ant infested, dirty, portuguese speaking (struggling), adventurous life for any of it. There is no better place on earth to be then where God has placed you.

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