December 22, 2009

Family Bedroom

I know many of you have been freezing while waiting for Christmas to arrive. We however have been sweating and can't hardly believe Christmas a just a few short days away. When we moved into our rental house there was an air conditioner in the living room. We weren't even sure if it worked. Well actually after moving in we discovered it didn't because rats had chewed through the wires and there was a dead lizard tangled in there as well. Marc did some handy work and got it working in case we might need it someday. Well that day has come. Actually a couple of those days have come. This last week we have had some VERY hot days. Unfortunately, if it is hot during the day it tends to be hot at night because it doesn't cool down during the evening. The rainy season brings this odd cycle into our lives. It rains for a few days constantly and we beg for sunshine. Then it is sunny and HOT for a few days and we beg for rain. And round and round it goes. So for a few nights this past week we all moved into the living room and made one giant bedroom for our whole family. We hauled our mattresses onto the living room floor, closed the doors to the rest of the house and slept in coolness and it was wonderful. We are now back in our own bedrooms, at least for the time being until it turns crazy hot again. We joke and say on Christmas day we may just close up the living room, crank down the AC and "pretend" it's cold for Christmas sake.

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