December 2, 2009

A Day of Adventure

Monday we headed off to the coast for the day. It is a 3 hour drive so we knew it would be an all day adventure we just didn't realize how much ADVENTURE we would have on this trip. Hope the photos can explain.

The view from our lunch table

The boys enjoyed the day playing on the beach and staying cool in the water

Can't believe we will celebrate 13 years of marriage on Monday.

An old, famous hotel that since the war has been inhabited by 5,000 squatters.

Our "new" road (trail) that runs parallel to the highway that was backed up because of an overturned truck.
Thank goodness for the 4x4!

The overturned truck to the left and the crane attempting to lift it.
Modern technology in Mozambique pretty impressive to us.

Traffic heading towards us on our new road.

Our adventures for the day also included a speeding ticket but I wasn't brave enough to snap a photo of that.
All in all it was a fun day and who doesn't enjoy a little adventure.

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Schilinski Family said...

So glad to see you guys are doing great. Congrats also on 13 years! May God bless all you guys do. Have a great Christmas, even if it is HOT :) Ours was the same when we lived in the capital of Cameroon but a lot cooler in the mountains (70's)... We are hoping Christmas morning will get in low 60's and have a small fire in the ol' fire place... yes we have a fire place for those cold mornings in Africa :)