December 3, 2009

Clean Water....Life and Death?

The other day, as we were driving out into the bush to attend our Thanksgiving celebration at our friends mission farm my eye was drawn to the side of the road. There is not much to look at on this journey but what I saw left me heart sick. Several small children were playing and bathing in a dirty, still pool of water about the size of a football field. A few meters away at the same water pool were cattle drinking and wading. As well there were women washing clothes and people collecting drinking water.

Water = Life
Dirty, disease Infested Water = Death in Mozambique

 My prayer as we continued on our journey was, "Oh Lord, please help us to be able to do enough to make a difference for those we can reach." So much of life here is simply survival. I understand the Bible tells us we will always have the poor with us. But it is so hard to watch the innocent and unsuspecting reach out for life and receive nothing but disease and death in return. I pray that we always offer Jesus, the Living Water, to those we have the honor of serving here in Mozambique. Only He can turn death into life and our mourning into dancing.

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