March 15, 2010

Chocolate Conversations

Here is a funny copy of people's comments on Facebook after I made the following comment "Andrea Pavkov does not love when she finds a worm while eating her least it was on it and not IN it."

Brooke Moreno Ball  "I remember picking worms out of the rice before we cooked it!!!"

Heather Neufeld "better than finding HALF a worm... either in it or on it!!!!"

Diane Lammott "I'm with Heather...still none at all is best of all!"

Andrea Pavkov "Yeah but not better than putting it in your mouth and then finding the worm when something seems odd about it."

Heather Neufeld "ahhh.. ick. did you take a picture??? now there is something to blog about."
Holly Elena Schilinski "the question is, was it still alive?"

Lisa Roerdink "Ew. I know that feeling. I once found a maggot on my reece cup. But what is it that Mr. Bland used to say (or was it Mrs?) about the seasoned missionary thanking God for the extra protein?"

Debi DiGiorgio "If facebook had a "thumbs down", this would be the time to use it."

David Spindler "It is better than finding a half a worm."

Felicity Wolper "Yummy..choclate covered worm...extra protein."

Andrea Pavkov "I am a seasoned missionary...I spit the worm out, brush the chocolate off and kept on eating"

Andrea Pavkov "The worm was dead."

Stephanie LaVonne Willis Spindler "WTG, Andrea."

Julie Bazal "You got to wonder what killed the worm? Was it the chocolate? Just something to ponder."
(The question above in no way reflects the writers feelings about chocolate. Life is so much better with chocolate!)

 Marc Pavkov "See, I put the worm there, hoping for the rest of the chocolate. Gotta come up with a better plan."

Julie Bazal "Yes Marc, your woman is pretty tough. You will have to think harder!"

Sara Born "yeah...seasoned missionaries aren't going to waste chocolate for anything....haha...I know that one too. That's great!"

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