March 19, 2010

Plumbing Day

Today started off quite WET. Yes, I said wet. I woke up to my husband in the bathroom laying under the sink in a puddle trying to stop a leak that apparently had been dripping all night long. We are not light sleepers so neither of us heard the water dripping so by the time it was noticed early this morning there was quite a little BIG puddle on the bathroom floor. My hubby skillfully jammed a rag in the hole with a screwdriver to stop the water and left it until he could get some parts to replace the broken part. Once he returned with the new part (2 of them actually) he once again got on the floor and replaced the part. Only problem was as he was tightening down the connection the part broke apart. Yes, the brand new, cheap, Chinese imported, part was no longer any good. But because my husband is a pessimist BRILLIANT he had another one to replace the new broken one. So he did, very carefully. It worked. Since he had been to the store to buy plumbing supplies he next decided to tackle the kitchen faucet that has been dripping more and more each day. He removed the old faucet and replaced it with the new one that was all shiny and sparkly. I was impressed. This evening as he was washing supper dishes (isn't he great?) he started yelling for Nate to get him the biggest rubber band he owns out of his desk and come quick. Of course I had to see what all the action was about so I headed into the kitchen to find my hubby trying to hold the new, sparkly, cheap, chinese imported faucet together with his hands. He had tried to turn the water off and the faucet knob had completely broken off in his hand. I couldn't help but smirk and laugh out loud as water was squirting into the air with the faucet in Marc's hand. Once he had secured it with the rubber band he got busy putting the old faucet back on. Hey what's a little drip?? At least there is not squirting and no large puddles.

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Schilinski Clan said...

LOL, we get those same exact Chinese parts over here!!