March 11, 2010

Rats Like Plastic!

We have a grocery store named Shoprite. It is the only one in town and I am grateful. It is not by accident that Shoprite is nicknamed Ratrite by lots of missionaries. We often see evidence in the aisles of their visits and lets just say you have to be particular about what packages you buy as some will have been chewed. Anyway, back to my recent adventure. I went grocery shopping the other day and took Nate, our youngest son with me so he could take a stroll through the toys. Most are very cheap Chinese, "Dollar Store rejects," as Marc calls them. None the less Nate had some money burning a hole in his pocket and went to browse to see what he could find. I continued with the shopping and was ready to leave when Nate returned excited about what he had found that he could afford and wanted. It was a small plastic army set. Really that is all that ever excites Nate there so he has started a collection. Anyway, he brought me his treasure to show what he wanted to purchase. I tried to act excited and asked if he is sure that he needed MORE army stuff.

        He tells me, "Yes, Mom and this is for sure a Mozambican army set."
       "What do you mean?" I ask him.
       "Look right here...the rats have chewed the bumper of the jeep but I don't care. I still want it."
       "Are you sure?" I asked him.
       "Yeah, it's the last one plus that makes it special from Mozambique because in America you can't buy
       one chewed by rats," he declared.
       "Ok, then let's go," was my response and off we went to the checkout.

I would say by God's sweet grace my kids have adapted pretty well to their new life in Mozambique, wouldn't you?

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