March 4, 2010


I am not proud to say that more often than not my practical, organizing, rational, sensible, fleshly (ouch) part gets the better of me when it comes time for faith.

But, over the last several months I have been on a faith journey. Let me explain.

When we found ourselves suddenly without a vehicle in July of last year we knew we needed a vehicle and began praying that we could purchase our own.

Slowly, very slowly, a little bit of money came in. Then we had a generous donation from one donor and after lots of prayer decided to take a leap of faith and begin looking for a vehicle.

We only had about 65% of what we would need but asked God for direction anyway. We looked and looked. God led us to a vehicle for sale by some other missionaries through friends of ours.
We didn't have enough money.

We contemplated what to do and prayed some more. We felt peace and an urging to step out in faith and trust God. We approached them. We committed to paying them $500 a month (that we did not have in our normal budget). 

They were gracious and trusting allowing us to pay them what we had, take the vehicle, and put it into our name with the agreement to make monthly payments.
In the back of our minds we wondered how exactly we were going to do this, knowing we couldn't but choosing to trust in faith.  

So here we are, overjoyed and FAITH-full celebrating what He has done.
Every single month He miraculously provided an "extra" $500 in donations for our car payment. 

And along the way we have learned a very important lesson in a very real way.
We have an amazing God that is worthy of our FAITH!

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