March 6, 2010


An email I sent off to my sister today. "I have a funny thing to tell you. We have been going to the post office once or twice a week the last couple of weeks to check and see if there is a package since Mom and Dad sent one a while ago. We like to check and keep and eye out. Marc went this morning and the guy tells him that the man with the key to the "package room" is not there yet so he needs to come back later. So we went back a couple of hours later. Now there was no slip in our box saying we had a package so we knew it is unlikely that there is one but what the heck let's just check. So the man with the key was now there, it was 11am mind you but as you can tell schedules aren't real important here. He opens up the package room and agrees to look around for the box from Mom & Dad for Marc. Nope, not there, but oh wait a minute there is another one here with your names. It was the package you sent me for my birthday. It had been sent on August 20th. So nearly 7 months later we finally get it. Oh sorry, I guess the slip must of gotten confused with someone else. CRAZY PLACE!!! There is no point in getting upset because culturally it isn't incorrect or unprofessional in the least. Now you can probably understand why at times I feel like I am losing my mind around here:)"
Thanks Carrie for the "Birthday" package. It really was a surprise. I had forgotten you had sent it since it was so long ago. (Check out that American mouse trap she sent. Marc keeps joking that the rats around here would spring the trap and then haul it around wearing it as an earring:)

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Karen said...

This is great! It sounds just like Paraguay, haha