March 10, 2010

Ouch Electricty!

Today Micah found me in the living room with a wide eyed expression on his face and his hands shaking. He began telling me how he had taken their fan from one room and tried to plug it in again in their bedroom but that it shocked him and he heard a loud pop. He was a little shaken up as he got a good jolt throughout his whole body. It seems the wire was slightly exposed near the plug end and instead of holding the plug when putting it into the socket he was touching the wires. Needless to say it provided a great opportunity for a school lesson. Wires conduct electricty son and that means you get shocked. Plastic is an insulator and that means you don't get shocked. After he calmed down a bit he could laugh about it but none the less isn't very anxious to touch a cord or plug again soon. This is what I found when we went to discover what had happened. The "explosion" had blown the two pieces completely apart. Ouch! Looks like Dad has some repair work to do.

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