August 23, 2009

Ahh...The Sounds and Smells of Home

The more time we spend living here in Mozambique the more appreciation I seem to have for the smells and sounds all around me. It doesn't mean they are all pleasant but they are all representative of home and therefore comforting. Recently, I have taken notice of just a few I want to mention. Mango blossoms-by our clothesline in the backyard is a tree in full bloom and there is nothing much sweeter than the smell of mango blossoms while hanging out your laundry. Birds chirping-I know you can have these everywhere in the world but there is something peaceful about waking up to a chorus of them singing outside your window. Dust-it may seem strange because it's not that I enjoy dust because I actually loathe it some days since it seems to be that there is a never ending need to dust and sweep because of all the dirt roads, etc. But the earthy, moist smell has become familiar and therefore part of home. Repetitive Music Blaring-It seems that the music that can be heard blasting from local stereos is a constant thunder and repetitive and usually at the most inconvenient time of day-like 2 am. African sweat-I know this does not appeal to some and I never thought I would get used to it but I have. The smell of body odor of those that do not use deodorant is VERY familiar here. Fresh Baked Bread-Now this has to be one of my favorite. There is no Wonder Bread here and I am thankful. At first it seemed like a hassle to have bread mold on the third day or become hard as a rock. But now nearly everyday we go to the local store and buy fresh baked bread. You can start salivating for it before it ever meets your mouth. Yum I love it! Well, like I said these are just a few of the smells and sounds that are becoming familiar in our new home. Funny thing is I don't remember not really having them all around me before, kind of like they have always been there. Like home.

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