August 14, 2009

The Wedding Cake is Done

So here is my first wedding cake. I don't love it but it will do its purpose of feeding nearly 200 people tomorrow. It took me three days this week to make it. Two days to bake the different layers and then today to build it, frost it and decorate it. I am always so awed by God's perfect timing. We have a bread store in town that we usually buy our bread at called La Plaza. They carry a few other grocery items as well. But the other day when I went in guess what I found sitting in a little piece of styrofoam on the bakery counter. Roses made out of frosting for cake decorating. Are you kidding me? The were the equivalent of $1 each so I bought 4 to use as the main decoration on the wedding cake. Thank you Lord. I have never seen these anywhere before and probably will not see them ever again in town but I am thankful that He provided just what I needed. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting cultural learning day. It will likely be pretty long too as most events here usually are that way. I hope to get some great photos and share them with you at a later time so you to can see what a Mozambican wedding is like.

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