August 14, 2009

Goodbye Fiona

Our girl puppy named Fiona died this morning. She had been sick for one week and we are not quite sure what she died from exactly. It has been a long week of trying to get help for her, trying to get the "vet" to help her but in the end it didn't work. Last night was a long night as she was suffering, crying and moaning and convulsing most of the night. The "vet" refused to put her down yesterday. It was difficult because although we have had pets die before we have never had to watch them die. Praise the Lord this mostly happened through the night so the boys did not have to see it. This morning just when Marc was thinking he was going to have to do something to put her out of her misery she took her final breath. Goodbye Fiona, we will miss you. You were a good puppy always looking for a tummy rub and eager to greet us. It's been a long day and although we are sad we are glad she is no longer suffering.

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