August 19, 2009

Raggedy Man

Today as we were going into town we went past a raggedy man. I call him this because I don't know his name or what else to call him really. He is not the only one in town. There are many. He was obviously mentally not all present. He staggered down the street. His clothes were literally rags falling off of him. Here in Moz. I find myself learning to not make eye contact. It is disturbing to me yet it is becoming part of life. I'm just not sure that I like it. Culturally when you make eye contact with those on the street wanting to sell things or beg you have invited them to come to you. And once you have "invited" them they will not leave you alone until you leave that area. I think like many when I come across a raggedy man I am tempted to not make eye contact, to look away or even ignore that person. Maybe even pretend I am not seeing what I am seeing or that he exists. But today, as I was tempted to do that, I clearly felt the Lord telling me to look into his eyes as he passed by me. My heart was overwhelmed. I do not know his story or how he ended up living on the street and becoming a raggedy man. But God, in that moment poured out His love for that man, His son, into my heart and I found myself filled with compassion. He kept walking past me and continued on his way but I sensed God's profound love for him and prayed for him. My heart was touched by him and by how much God loves him. My prayer is that I would not dismiss any of God's children but value them and love them like He does.

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