August 6, 2009

Daily Manna

I have always struggled with having consistent daily devotion times with the Lord. Last week at the international church there was a message shared and just a small intro part to the message has stuck with me and been on my heart ever since. The speaker was referring to our daily quiet time with the Lord as His time to give us our daily manna. Like in the Bible when the Israelites received manna is was only for that day and they were not to try to make it stretch or last longer than the need of that day. The speaker made the comparison to our need for our daily bread and how He will speak to us each day the word we need for that day. We shouldn't go 2, 5, 10 days on that one word. His word is to be new and fresh and relevant to our need for each new day. Humm....this makes me excited and causes me to look with expectation to what word is the Lord going to give me for today that will be needed and powerful and relevant to my current need. Now I find myself longing for the daily manna from the Lord and meeting with him daily expecting Him to speak.

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