August 4, 2009

I'm in LOVE

I am in love with my washing machine. I know it sounds odd. But everytime I do a load of laundry in my washing machine I recall how many loads I have done by hand in a bucket and thank Jesus. For those of you that have done laundry in a bucket you know this causes you to be VERY grateful for a machine. I hang all my laundry on our clothesline because we do not own a dryer. I know in a lot of places in the world hanging your laundry out to dry is a lost art because people don't like the inconvenience or the time it takes but to me it is wonderful. It causes me to look back and remember the days without the washing machine and thank the Lord instead of regretting that I don't have a dryer. Many things in our life should cause us to reflect on how good we really have it because we can remember a time in the past that was more difficult or challenging. I want to remain thankful so even when rainy season comes and nothing will dry on the line and laundry is hung all around my house with the fans blowing everywhere I hope to still be walking in an attitude of gratefulness.

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roadrunner201 said...

Eh! Dryers are over rated;-) Your clothes will last a lot longer by hanging them. I have never had to bucket wash for more than three weeks at a time, and even in that short time, I have an idea how grateful you are for that washer. Good perspective, Andrea.