August 8, 2009

Wedding Cake Gitters

So I am supposed to make a wedding cake for next Saturday. I am getting nervous as I have never made one before. The man getting married, Manuel, was one of our orphans at Maforga Mission. We spent our one year internship there, back in 1997, about 20 minutes down the road from where we live now. The wedding will be a true "Mozambican" experience and I am just praying that the cake I make will fit well into the wedding and be enjoyed by everyone. The baking part is not a concern as I can bake without much trouble. Of course, it is going to take me several days as I have a "normal" oven for here but according to US standards it is very small and only has one rack and has no thermostat just a high and low setting so it's kind of a guessing game on the temperature. But the part that really make me nervous is decorating it. I have had a few discussions with the groom and the bride and others to try to determine what is normal but no one seems to be able to tell me what is acceptable or normal. I am going to try and keep it simple which shouldn't be hard since I don't know many techniques. We will see how it all turns out but I would appreciate everyone's prayers. Who knew part of being a missionary was being a baker.

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