August 29, 2009

A New Look

Well, I wanted to report on the exciting thing happening around our house lately. When we moved into our rental house in March it badly needed to be painted. The last occupant did some VERY funny things. The living room was bright yellow. I like yellow, maybe not banana bright yellow but to make it worse he never finished a room. So the last foot or so towards the ceiling was not painted and no it was not in a straight line either. So needless to say we have needed to paint since we moved in and finally we are managing to get it done. Well at least the living room/dining room area and the hallway. The whole house needs to be painted but we are not quite that ambitious yet. The landlord will allow us to deduct the cost of the paint but not the labor so Marc and a couple of his Mozambican friends, Alberto and Agusto have been helping him on Saturdays. Just wanted to give you an idea of how far we have come. It's looking nice thanks to all the guys hard work.

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