August 11, 2009

Our Agua

I thought it might be interesting to show you how we get our water. We rent a house in town but we do not get water from the city nor do any of our neighbors. We have to buy our water privately. Marc calls a delivery man who promises he will come in a few hours (we have learned that sometimes means the next day) to deliver water. Before coming the delivery man pumps his truck full of water from a "well" somewhere on the other side of town from what we have been told. Then he pulls in our yard with his truck and opens our cement tank that is in the ground and attaches a hose to his truck and turns on the water until it is emptied into our tank. We then have a switch in the house to pump the water up to tanks above the house and the water flows into the house from there. We pump every couple of days depending on how much laundry I am doing. I am so grateful for water that runs into the house. And we even have a hot water heater in the bathroom so we have warm showers. I still heat water in a kettle in the kitchen for washing dishes but hey I am not complaining because many a times we have not had running water and only the famous "bucket bath."

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