September 4, 2009

The Sweet Things in Life

My family loves strawberries. We love them fresh, as jam, on shortcake, in fruit salad, on cheesecake, pretty much however you would want to serve them. So today I was excited when a friend of ours from across town called and said "the strawberry man is at my door do you want some?" We can't buy them at the only grocery store in town but there is a local man that has decided our friends house is a good place to sell strawberries so every once in a while he stops by to see if she is interested. It's actually pretty amusing because the news about the strawberries spreads like a wildfire to the missionaries in town and only those that are quick to respond get to enjoy the reward of their speediness. Today, I was a lucky one and scored 4 kgs of strawberries. We will eat some for dessert, freeze most for later and most importantly have strawberries on a cheesecake mix that I have been hiding since my mother-in-law brought it in July to have as my birthday cake on Tuesday. So although, we definitely can't get everything we can in the USA we do get a chance sometimes to get special, sweet treats we just have a different way of going about getting them than driving to the local superstore.

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