November 1, 2009

Birthday Boy

He's growing up!

Micah's surprise at receiving an "American" he really has been wanting.

Madagascar 2 Birthday supplies...not bought in Africa..Thanks again Grammy!

Some of his buddies. Countries represented-USA,Sweden, South Africa.
He had cool singing candles and glitter gel for his cake! Thanks Grammy, he loved them.


Today we celebrated Micah's 12th birthday. He doesn't officially turn 12 until Wednesday but today was the day for his party with some friends. We had planned on going to a nearby swimming pool but unfortunately it has been raining the last two days and cool. Regardless he had a good time playing soccer with his buddies and watching "Hotel for Dogs" his birthday present from us that we had sent from the States (Thanks Auntie).
Thought I would share some photos. Enjoy!

(Oh, and for those that may be wondering YES I kept all the plates, cleaned them off and all the other birthday supplies like tablecloth, plastic cups, unused napkins to re-use another time. Hey this is Africa and I don't just have a party store down the road. I did however allow Micah to take the posters to hang up as decoration in his room.)

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