November 11, 2009

Daddy Time

One of the things I love about our life here in Africa is how much time we get to spend with our kids. For me it is not that new since most of the kids life I have been around home when not working for a few hours of the day. I love being home with my boys. Now that we are here they are experiencing having their Daddy around a lot more and I have to say that I think the boys LOVE it. Marc is still busy but because of the nature of what we do he is around home more during the day and then at times on the weekend or late afternoons he is busy. Today Nate built a fort in the living room and invited Dad and Micah to come join him so they could watch a movie together. They all seemed to really enjoy it and of course my job was to get a picture or two. Thank you Lord that the boys get this precious time with their Daddy before they grow up and become Daddy's of their own.

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