November 20, 2009

"LOVE" from Home

You know that expression "When it rains, it pours?" Well that was how we felt this week. Not in a bad way, in a very good way. Some boxes were being shipped from the States by my mother and our old cell group at Grace Capital Church. We were excitedly awaiting their arrival. I should say we were waiting and checking, waiting and checking, waiting and checking. These things always seem to take longer than they should but finally on Wednesday they arrived and all on the same day. FOUR boxes on one day. It was like Christmas. We each opened one while the rest of the family looked on. It was so exciting! Here are a few of my favorite things that arrived with love from home this week:

  • Ziplock bags - I was just dreaming of these the other day.
  • Shoes for Micah - We've been praying for these as his other shoes have literal holes in them.
  • A Charlie Brown Singing Christmas Card - I miss watching those TV Specials with the boys this year.
  • Christmas decorations - We may have a decent looking tree after all.
  • Candy - M&M's, Skittles, and Nerds-yummy!
  • Dunkin  Donuts Coffee - Ahhh, delicious. Amazing what therapy a good cup of coffee.
  • School Supplies - Great for us and for ministry.
  • Seeds - Pretty flowers and veggies like Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc.
  • A Christmas Gift for the boys - There isn't much to buy here so this is great.
  • Books - I can't get enough to read plus I can pass them along for others to enjoy.
  • Spice Packets - Great to have a taste of home.
Well there were about a million other things as well and I have forgotten important ones I'm sure. But the most important thing that came with those boxes was the knowing we are loved, prayed for and thought about. Now that is special! Thanks to all those that give of themselves so we can feel so LOVED.

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Mary said...

Just curious... About how long does it take you to receive a package from home?