November 15, 2009

Kitchen Appliance Heaven

One of the things I know about the appliances and kitchen equipment you buy here in Mozambique is that the quality is horrible. There is no comparison to the items we would buy in the USA. My husband's favorite phrase when talking about items here is that they are Dollar Store rejects. Pretty much that sums it up except they are nowhere near $1 or anything reasonable for that matter (the last one cost around $30). It's crazy. We have lived here for 9 months now and have gone through 2 toasters, 2 coffee pots, a stove knob, and a refridgerator shelf. Now, we are not unusually rough with our things but they are just not made for any type of endurance. Our toasters for example just up and died one day. Actually the last one up and died between my toast and Nate's toast one day. His came out fine. I put mine in and voila no such luck. It was finished. My hubby is a handy guy but there is no fixing them. They are dead! For the time being we are toasterless for a few different reasons. Mostly, I am stubborn and too irritated to buy another one when they are so cheaply made. Secondly, we really don't have the extra cash this month. Third is because we found out from our friends, fellow missionaries, that they are getting an extra one from another missionary who is moving back to the states and would like to give it to us. That is great I just hope this one lasts a little longer. But hey I can't complain because it's coming to us free.

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