November 5, 2009

Technical Support Needed

Is there anyone that has any wisdom they could share with me on how I can make it possible for people to post comments on my blog? I have tried going into the settings and allowing comments but as far as I can tell it is still not possible. I would appreciate any technical support out there. Thanks.


Andrea Pavkov said...

I can't get this dumb thing to work.

Andrea Pavkov said...

WOW, I think I got it....miracle.

MaryBeth said..., doctor, wedding cake baker, mama,... now go add blogger technical support to your resume'!!!
I read your blog in my google feed reader and forget to pop over here and comment. Sorry. Loved your day in the life post. Good to hear what is going on with you guys. MaryBeth

Anonymous said...

Hey - so it wasn't just me not able to post comments. I had tried lots of times. Yay for you for fixes it!
Give Micah hugs from us for his birthday!
xoxo Julie

auntyjed said...
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Anonymous said...

Dad, trying to see if this will work for you to post comments. Think I finally have it worked out. LOVE YOU!