November 21, 2009

Let Thanksgiving Week Begin!

I know, I know I am getting ahead of myself saying "Let Thanksgiving begin." But I can't help it, I am excited. After all it does take more time to prepare here then in the States so I have an excuse of why I am thinking of it early.

On Friday the boys and I had some fellow American home schooling friends over to work on a craft for Thanksgiving Day. We came up with this cute craft using mostly recycled items. They are Turkey napkin rings that will be on the table Thanksgiving Day. To make the ring we used left over aluminum foil rolls or toilet paper rolls and cut them into sections. Then we used the inside of cereal boxes to trace turkey cookie cutter shapes (I brought one from the States), cut them out and glued them to the rings. Next was cutting out construction paper feathers and glueing them on. The final touch was to write each persons name and put on a glitter dot for the eye. I think the kids did an awesome job and they actually came out pretty cute.

So far there is one turkey butchered and in the freezer. This weekend our friend Manuel has gone out into the bush to try to capture two more of our turkey's so we can butcher those and freeze them as well. All this work yet the other day at the grocery store here in town I saw they had a shipment of turkeys in from Brazil of all places. Although I did also hear that someone bought one last year and when they got it home it was green. Now that is not green as in environmentally friendly that is green as in a rotten meat color kind of way. Anyway, we will stick with our home grown turkeys for a couple of reasons. Not because we are so organically conscious but first they are free because we already own them and secondly because I really don't want to end up not having turkey because it turned out to be green when I tried to cook it.

Today, I baked two home made pumpkin pies, I don't have pie plates so just ignore the non-pie shapes. It was fun and a challenge. Let's just say it took more work then MY normal "American" preparation. I had to prepare the pumpkin by cooking it and mashing it instead of buying it in a can and make the pie crust rather then buying it pre-made. I am thinking living in Mozambique and having to cook from scratch is going to turn me into a cooking and baking queen one of these days. So I can check the pumpkin pies of my to do list as well.

My next Thanksgiving adventure is to make homemade stuffing. Yep, there is such a thing. Crazy huh, who knew? Just kidding. So although I have never been one to make it homemade before this is my year. So today I bought four loaves of bread (that part is not going to be homemade-come on now don't push it) and because of the lovely internet I was able to download a recipe that is supposed to taste just like Stovetop. We will see since I have to wait to make that Thanksgiving Day.

So that is about all for now on the Thanksgiving prepartions. The rest has to wait until the day or so before. I'll let you know how it all goes. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

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