November 7, 2009

When Does the Suffering End?

This will be short but I just need to write a little to try to process this foolishness. Some things overwhelm my senses here and constant death is one of them. This week our friend Manuel called us and told us his wife's brother died. You hear about death all the time here and although it is common place it is not acceptable. He was 21 years old and died of malaria IN THE HOSPITAL. Oh how I wish I could take you all on a tour of the local hospitals and you would see for yourself the poverty and destitution that the Mozambicans suffer with daily. Desperate fear and lack of hope grips the people here and often for good reason. When they look at those in medical care that are untrained, uncaring and ill prepared to help them without the basic supplies needed. I am frustrated by the poverty and the "system" here and wonder will there ever come a day in this land when the young people of the future are not dying from diseases that can be easily treated or prevented? May God in His great GRACE continue to have mercy on the people of Mozambique and give me the strength to continue to bring hope. It's all you Lord because in myself I am empty, sad, frustrated and impatient. 

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