November 11, 2009

Hunting Time

Micah received a bow and arrow from his dad for his birthday. They sell them as true weapons in the market and we can't count how many times our guard has asked for one to use as "protection." We always manage to delay him and come up with a reason of why we don't think that is such a great idea. Micah loves his even though Marc did modify it a bit. He had to wear down the really sharp metal tips so no one loses their life around here. Yesterday Micah was in the backyard "hunting" and came into the house to show me his prize catch (poor little birdie). He was so proud of himself. His dad thought he should fry it up and eat it but I intervened convincing them all that we probably don't know what diseases birds carry here and it would be better to not take our chances. worked! Instead of eating it Micah took it out into the backyard to bury it.

It's great fun to be a 12 year old boy!

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Anonymous said...

Does micah know that his cousin Zachary is really good with his bow? His dad set up a pile of straw bales in the back yard for his practice target. There is a cotton tail rabbit that frequently runs through the yard - I don't know if Zach would target it though. In Brazil when Marc had his BB gun, he used to shoot the gekos and did a great job until one of the neighbors complained about the cruelty to animals. So, we had to be a good testimony to them and forbid cruely to all animals.