November 6, 2009

Malaria Man

Well, after several days of a low grade fever and trying to figure out what is going on with Marc we called our friend Dan over yesterday who is a nurse to get his opinion. I was vascillating between an infection near his belly button since it was red and inflamed or Tick Bite Fever since it has similar symptoms.  Dan thought most likely Tick Bite Fever and recommended Marc go to the doctor. So off he went this morning and came back a few hours later with a surprising diagnosis. Well not surprising in the sense that it is always a constant threat here but surprising in the sense that it did not show typical symptoms. He has MALARIA. He has not had any fever pattern, no joint aches, no vomitting, etc. Marc usually gets violently sick with Malaria so I know right away but missed it this time since the symptoms were masked. I do not like that they were discreet because it makes it that much more difficult to treat quickly. Anyway, would ask for your prayers for him to be feeling better soon. He should be starting to feel better in a couple of days although sometimes it takes a week or two to regain your strength.

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Dad & Mom said...

We prayed for you and your speedy recovery last night at church. Please let us know SOONER whenever somebody gets malaria so we can PRAY for you immediately! We know that it can be a killer and that's what the Enemy is out to do - rob, kill and destroy! We MUST take spiritual authority over the powers of darkness!!!!! - DAD