September 14, 2009


This is our dog Bowser. You may remember a few weeks ago our other puppy Fiona died. What a fiasco. Marc had to have a set of rabies shots after her death because her symptoms resembled rabies and they were not sure or able to tell us what she died from. So $120 later he has had his shots and is apparently rabies free. And so is our other dog Bowser. Since Fiona died he has not been sick even for a day other than heartsick and lonesome. For the first few days he would her the dogs next door on the other side of the wall and houl and cry because he was missing Fiona. Now he is doing better and loving all the attention. I have to say we have gotten quite attached to him and are enjoying showering him with attention. He is a strange dog. Nate says to me the other day, "Mom, I think Bowser is a vegetarian." Why?? He eats lettuce and carrots from our garden. I don't think he's quite a vegetarian though since he loves to chow down his dog food and meat bones just as rapidly. I would say he is definitely a Mozambican dog though since he has his daily portion of sudza (the local staple food similiar to corn meal porridge). Tonight I was greeted by a lovely big frog on our front porch. Bowser took quick notice and then I took quick action to try to distract him and keep him away from Mr. Toad since it is a poisonious variety that doesn't kill dogs but does make them sick and foam at the mouth which isn't very enjoyable or attractive.

We love you Bowser and hope you stay with us for a very long time.

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