September 17, 2009

Somedays are Long

Today has been a LONG day. Nothing spectacular happened just one of those days when all of the little aggravations of living here and the bureacracy of living in a corrupt third world country was getting on my nerves. The never ending paperwork and unwritten rules and cultural expectations at times become to much. Yes, I know I am called to live here and that God has placed this people and this country in my heart but I am human and get frustrated. I went to my good friend Jenn's house today for coffee and a sanity break. She is also an American missionary, has two boys and is married to a Brazilian so we have a lot in common:) We were laughing and trying not to cry at the frustrations we encounter here that are so hard to share and communicate to someone that does not live here. For example; why is it not easy to just help a national because we want to help them without there being power struggles, ungratefulness and jealousy. AHHH, it is these days though that although I am extremely frustrated and honestly at times think "I can't do this," that the Lord reminds me that I can but only through His strength and that I am going to because He's called me. Thank you Lord that you always gently remind me that your strength is made perfect in my weakness, hallelujah!

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