September 22, 2009

Eva's Weeping

Last week I posted about a lady named Eva that showed up at our house looking for help to get to the hospital where her ill son had been taken. We were able to help her with the transport money to get there and honestly didn't think we would ever see her again. We were shocked Sunday night when she showed up at our gate wanting to see us. Sadly, she had come to let us know that her child had died. As she stood weeping we really had no profound words of comfort or dramatic answer to offer for her suffering. We were so sad for her and can't even imagine her pain as this is the third child she has lost. All we could do was be with her and weep with her.

We prayed for her and her remaining children (2), tried to comfort her, encouraged her the best we could, gave her transport money to get home, a plate of rice and beans since her and her baby had not eaten that day, and a blanket for her to take with her to the bus stop where she would spend the night waiting to go home in the early morning. It is difficult to express how heart wrenching it is to see this type of suffering day in and day out. It is a constant thing here in Mozambique and our prayer is that we would not become immune to it from seeing it so much. Our only true comfort is in knowing that God is present in the midst of it all and he has restoration and healing for those that weep and suffer such great losses. We pray Eva and the many others that suffer such heartbreak would come to know God in a personal way and that He would be given opportunity in thier lives to restore hope and heal hearts. Will you please join us in this prayer?

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