September 4, 2009

Precious Daughters

My heart has been stirred lately for the young girls of this land. They do not know they are loved as daughters of the King. They do not feel or sense His protection, His passion for them, His desire to care for them, His great plans for them. How do you make them know and see how valuable they are to Jesus. How do you break the curse of generations in this society that have abused, forsaken, neglected and devalued girls. Most often they are; undereducated, physically and sexually abused, undernourished, sold as girl brides, very young mothers, and the one that does the majority of physical labor (the field work, collecting firewood, collecting water, caring for the children, doing the laundry, cooking, etc.) The Lord has inspired me to reach out to these young ones that are His daughters. My plan is that by next week I will be done writing a short Bible study that can be done with the young girls to help them see, feel and understand that they are loved beyond measure, considered important, and a daughter of the King of Kings. I would appreciate your prayers as I endeavor to share the study for the first time in the coming weeks with two little girls (both age 9) at a nearby orphanage.

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