September 14, 2009

Mudzingadze Church

Yesterday we visited a nearby church. It is in an area called Mudzingadze which is technically in our city of Chimoio but an area or village within the city. I think because it was in town I was kind of expecting more of a city church but it turned out that it is on the outskirts of town and is more of a bush/village church. It was a simple block building with a tin roof and one light bulb. Outside was a small mud and thatch building that they use for Sunday school. Also on the property were two latrines. The church is located in a village surrounded by homes.

It was a traditional Mozambican service. By that I mean there was lots of LOUD dancing, singing, clapping, feet stomping, and drums during the worship time. I was both amused and amazed at a little girl who couldn't have been more than 4 years old that did an awesome job of keeping in rhythm and step with the older women as they danced. There were probably about 60 people in this little building which makes it a little warm but I was just thankful it was not yet the HOT season. There were people of all ages predominately children and women but some young men and older men as well. We have been told that there were not many children there that day (about 30) because some Sunday's there are about 100. I'm just not sure where they put them all when they all show up. The children were enthralled and curious about our boys as they had not really ever seen white children before. But hey at least they didn't run away crying which has happened before because they are so scared. The pastor preached a good message in Portuguese that was translated into Shona, the local dialect. It was good to hear a solid, biblical message as many of the churches here do not necessarily teach that way. Praise the Lord that this church seems to be thriving and reaching out into the community with the Gospel.

Trying to upload some pictures but our computer keeps crashing! I'll keep trying.

We look forward to visiting again soon sometime.