September 17, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

The boys have been studying planets, space exploration etc. for science in home schooling this week. We brought a model with us from the USA (thanks to our friend Wanda that always gives the boys awesome gifts) that the boys have been dying to break into. It was a really cool model to put together and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it (although we have been toting it around for so long the glow in the dark glue had dried up). To top off this weeks learning their dad decided to show them an amazing video by Louis Gigglio about the universe and God's amazing design. Now of course being that we do live in Mozambique and although we are extremely grateful that we have internet connection at home it was an all day event to download the short video. He had to do it in sections (download for 1 1/2 hours and watch for 5 minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat) until it was finished. The boys loved it and afterwards at the supper table Nate shared how his imagination interpreted it all. He said I imagine that Jesus is laying in His bed and on His night stand is our galaxy and he can reach out and touch it easily and then on his ceiling are all the other galaxies glowing in the dark. Not sure what to say except he has a good imagination and although his concepts of God don't always make complete sense to me I do not have any doubt that He has a powerful connection and image of His heavenly Father.

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